So, for the front end we have a pair of forks froma Ducati monster 600, these are the older ones , pretty basic, but they will do the job alot better than stock, these forks are 50/54 and have a 25mm hole at the spindles, our first job is to fit the yokes we made, these yokes are milled from 1" 6082 ally and have internal clamp slots as it keeps it all neat and tidy, with the forks fitted we can start to look at the spindle fitment, in this case we have one side as clearance and the other as a captive nut, these spacers need to be a tight fit so they clamp properly, with those turned we can put the spindle in and check it tightens, then we can fit the wheel, and start to space it out, we usea reference point usually the stanchions and wheel rim to set centres, we turned the top hat captive spacer oversize on length so we can start to set centre, simply line up the bearing face with the spacer and note the offsets either side of the rim, the remove the correct amount of material, and then we can turn the other side, noting the correct fitment of brake disc etc, always a good idea to check rotor bolt clearance here....

With the wheel centred, we can fit the taper bearings to the headstock, and get the dimensions for the steering stem spacers and parts , as we are starting from scratch we will make the bearing cover and top adjuster nut as well as this bike uses a skinny 19mm steerer, we are using an 18mm x 1.25 top thread with an M10 x 1.5 bolt holding the top yoke on.

withe the yokes fitted, we can start to look at the digidash mount and lockstops, the bonnie frame has a strange method of lock stop, so we needed to design yokes that would work with the frame, and facilitate a lock stop method

with the yokes fitted we can start to look at the swingarm mods..come back for part 2 : )

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